• Sullivan was found dead in his home on December 28, 2009. His death was reported as due to natural cause. The results of the autopsy performed on December 30, 2009, however, were inconclusive. It was not until June 9, 2010 that the cause of death was revealed to have been an acute polydrug intoxication due to combined effects of oxycodone (Oxycontin), oxymorphone (a metabolite of oxycodone), diazepam(Valium), nordiazepam (a metabolization of diazepam) and ethanol.

    + specific reason (REAL REASON) :
     The Rev had an heart disease ... that would develop into cancer if it was not treated, then the doctor has given medication ..... but it was the wrong medicine and more, he has given an overdose of these drugs was not for his illness, which caused an overdose ... and cause the death of the best drummer in the world! :(

    The Rev is dead because.....


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